Maine Pet Photographer

About the Founder and Photographer

Wag Studios was founded by James Chatmas, a professional Maine pet photographer who is passionate about capturing every pet’s unique personality with fun photographs that will be cherished for years to come.


How it Works

  1. Schedule a Complimentary Consultation
    In a complimentary consultation, James will meet with you one-on-one so he can learn about what types of pet photographs you envision and explain what you can expect from the Wags Studios Signature session. During the consultation, he will also recommend a few parks, beaches, trails or fields that are all within 30 miles in the Portland, Maine area and ideal for your pet photoshoot.
  2. Come to the Photoshoot with Your Pet
    If you decide to move forward with our Maine pet photography, you’ll bring your pet to the photoshoot location of your choice so the fun can begin. Since we expect pets to behave like pets, we go with the flow and use a variety of strategies to ensure we capture stunning action shots, beautiful portraits, and natural photos of your pet.
  3. Pick Your Favorite Photos
    Once James has spent hours editing and retouching your photos, he will share them with you in a slideshow at a private showing so you can pick your favorite ones!
Maine Pet Photography | Lhasa Apso